About World’s Fair 2064


Rescue the Future, Because the Future is Now

Addressing Global Warming, in celebration of the 1964 World’s Fair 100th Anniversary!  

Join us in creating a better, more sustainable world that values preservation and green energy.

Join Perry Donald in his plan for the 2064 World Fair in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens, NY, which will explore ways that we can adapt to climate change.

Perry Donald is a renowned bird watcher living in Queens and he noticed that birds have been leaving Flushing Meadows Corona Park. According to his calculation, their population has dramatically decreased, thus initiating his plan for a tremendous World Fair!
You can find Perry Donald on Facebook:

The World Fair 2064 will have pavilions about innovative technology and designs for sustainable energy, a new transportation system and green development in the park.

Tweet your ideas with the hashtag #WorldsFair2064
World’s Fair Twitter: @WorldsFair2064

We are also on Facebook!

This is the website of Perry Donald promoter of a new World’s Fair in 2064 about Sustainability, Adaptation, Mitigation, Preservation.



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